Sunday, April 6, 2008

Video Touch Player

So what if you can’t afford a touchscreen video player? Just pick up a touch-sensitive one! The difference is that the keys don't need to be pushed, just touched. The responsiveness is also increased by a notch.

Cowon iAudio 7

The iAudio 7 is a small player that's not too convenient for watching videos, but it does support the feature. It's a neat looking player (a bit hefty though) and lightweight. The audio quality is the clincher – it delivers flawlessly. It's got plenty of features, such as an integrated FM radio with a recording feature, and a built-in microphone for recording conversations. But the real reason it's in this feature is because of its superbly responsive touch-sensitive keypad. It has no issues with being too quick or too sluggish; besides you can control the sensitivity. On the whole it's a great player. It costs Rs 7000 (4GB), Rs 9000 (8GB) or Rs 12,500 (16GB), inclusive of bill and warranty.

Samsung YP-T10

Among the other touch-sensitive PMPs is the brilliant YP-T10 from Samsung. It comes power-packed with a plethora of features that include Bluetooth with A2DP and allows easy file transfer. The 2-inch display has a great 240 x 320 pixel resolution but watching videos is not too easy. The touch-sensitive navigation pad is simple and easy to use, and the interface is great too. You can pick one up for Rs 6600 (2GB), Rs 7900 (4GB) or Rs 9900 (8GB), with bill and warranty.

iPod Classic

No wonder Apple is so famous in the PMP segment. With the latest sixth generation iPod Classic, the disk space has gone up to 80GB and 160GB. What more would a power user need? The player has been spruced up to offer some snazzy features (such as Cover Flow) that you saw in the iPhone. But the player does not have a touchscreen. Instead, the iPod Classic works on a patented touch-sensitive click-wheel technology. This click wheel happens to be the most responsive dial I've seen so far. The player can be yours for Rs 12,500 (80GB) or Rs 14,500 (160GB).

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